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care and accommodation

A home with proper care and treatment for approximately 60 resident men
and women . care and accommodation are provided at subsidized rates , as
one of the primary objectives of the center is the provision of assistance for
the poor. Services offered include long-term and short-term (respite) stays ,
medical care , recreational activities and worship services .

Short-term residency

Short-term residency is provided for those who need the service for a few
months , either because their families are away for a short time or they need
temporary nursing care . those who have served the church all their life and
have no family member to take care of them in their old age are accepted at
the CGS under the ” Adopted Grandparents ” program . This program was
developed specifically to cope with the emotional and financial needs of the
elderly poor .

Non-residents through

Non-residents elderly through a day care program .

Outpatient Clinic

The outpatient clinic is open daily and encompasses many specialized
services including : physiotherapy , internal medicine , dentistry , ear , nose and throat , ophthalmology and orthopedics .

The center also participates

The center also participates in training personnel in the field of care the
elderly in order in order to stimulate the spread of similar services in other
parts of Egypt . through its affiliation with the ” care with love ” program 2
, the CGS offers outreach services in the form of trained home healthcare
providers to care for the elderly in their homes .