•  The need for elderly services

the problem of the lonely elderly in Egypt has emerged in the last innogear 360 light two decades . it is currently more apparent among the urban middle class . yet the scope of the problem is increasing and will soon be felt in small towns and even in villages . the factors which have led to this problem among the urban middle class are mainly : housing problems , lack of house – helpers and the permanent and temporary emigration of thousands of young people http://coolcustomessay.com/blog/category/comparative-essay. with the improvements of the overall health conditions of the country , death rates have been declining and life expectancy at birth is rising . birth rates have slightly declined at the national level . however , in urban areas , and specifically among the educated , the reduction in fertility has been substantial .

  •  Purpose & objective of the center

The CGS is a pioneering project in Egypt . It is working at changing the prevailing belief that old age is the age of inability and helplessness and to provide new means of making old age a continuation of a worthwhile productive life . It advocates a holistic approach to caring for the elderly by enhancing both their physical and their spiritual well-being and helping them to become involved in appropriate activities . A staff of thirty caregivers provides round-the-clock care for the residents . currently , typemyessay The CGS provides the following services

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